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 Hug This Book!
 이** (jean)



Let us find out what whimsical things you can do with a book; spin and twirl and 

dance with a book or take it to lunch or just listen to it while someone else read it.. 



Hey there everyone welcome to the storytime family today we're gonna be 

reading hug this book by Barney Salzburg illustrated by Fred nog Lea hug this 

book you can read this book to a hippo you can read this book in the bath if 

you read this book being tickled I dare you not to laugh you can kiss and hug 

and smell this book that might sound sort of silly you can wrap this book 

in a sweater if it ever gets too chilly you can make up a story to tell to this 

book you can read this book up in the air to everyone in town can you read 

this book in the mirror or sing the words in this book like a song if you sing it

to the birdies maybe they'll sing along you can take a quiet nap with this book 

maybe you'll hear it snore when you wake up find a grown-up and read this 

book some are you can spin and twirl and dance with this book you can listen

while someone else reads it you can take your book to lunch just to not try to

feed it even though this book was over it isn't really the end you can start at

the beginning and read it to a friend hope you like hug this book thanks so much 

for joining us don't forget to subscribe and tap on a notification button for the 

next story for more information about this book and where you can get it just

look for the link in the description take care now see you soon bye 



1. Briefly discuss what the story is all about.

2. What comes to mind mt you hear the word "hug?" 

3. Audio book vs e-book vs printed book, which one do you prefer and why?

   What are the pros, cons, effectiveness of learning, etc?

2021-01-28 오후 1:31:35
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