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 Little Girl with Down Syndrome Becomes TikTok Sensation
 이** (jean)



This little girl with Down syndrome loves to give her siblings makeovers

and TikTok is in love.



This 11-year-old loves to do her big sister's hair. Worthy Rigelsky was born 

with Down syndrome. She was adopted from China when she was 5 years old.

And bonded with her big sister Kalista Hesch. In particular, Worthy loves to do 

her sister's hair (though Kalista usually leaves the straightening iron unplugged 

to be safe.) Worthy also does her big brother's hair from time to time. 

In addition to hair, Worthy also does makeup. "Worthy is, if I could describe

her in one word, she's just 'pure joy,' that's always the first word that comes

to mind... She's just like a little perfectionist and she's been, like I said

she's just pure love, so she just loves touching, she's just so lovable, 

and when anyone comes over she just grabs a hairbrush and immediately 

starts brushing the hair. Worthy and Kalista live in Wisconsin and share their

close relationship on social media. The sisters have more than 999k followers

on TikTok, where they go by @worthyandkal. Worthy has 19K followers on

her Instagram account, @downrightworthy, which is run by her mom for now.

Kalista also shares their adventures on Instagram: @kalistajaideee.



1. What does Worthy loves to do?

2. Talk about the bond Worthy and Kalista have. 

3. How did Kalista describe her sister Worthy?

2021-01-25 오후 2:20:03
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