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 11-year-old spreads holiday cheer
 이** (jean)



Sienna Ince raises money to buy Christmas presents for children whose parents 

cannot afford to during this difficult year. 



ANCHOR: Too often of course when we're talking about the holiday season we

forget about the importance of giving. So here's a reminder for all of us, this is

from a very special 11 year old girl and ABS's Faith Abube has her story. 

REPORTER: in a pandemic that has brought so much darkness. Eleven-year-old

Sienna Ince wants to be a bright spot, and spread some holiday cheers. 

SIENNA: I know that, other people they can't get gifts because their parents you

know are losing their jobs and in this hard time they can't get a lot of things.

So i just want to make sure everyone in this time can get gifts.

REPORTER: So for the better part of the year, Sienna has been on a mission

pinching and saving her birthday money, cooking up bake sales, setting up

lemonade stands. Saving up two hundred dollars. Shopping for the ideal gift 

for some perfect strangers. 

SIENNA: You can make their Christmas way better and your christmas 

will be even better. 

REPORTER: Turns out this is not Sienna's first time playing Santa. 

SIENNA'S MOM: It started last year with she just got extra birthday money so

she asked and came to me and her dad and asked if she could buy clothing 

and a little bit of toys. She did everything on her own, she paid for it, and she 

helped find homes for all them. And then this year, she said she wanted 

to do it again. 

REPORTER: More than doubling her 70 dollar total from last year. 

Sienna is giving more to neighbors in need. 

SIENNA'S MOM: Her friends have heard about it, her friends are excited and her

friends parents were reaching out saying what a cool idea, thank you so much,

for inspiring my child. 

REPORTER: Sienna says, she loves waking up on Christmas mornin and finding

gifts under her tree. Now, helping others light up with the same feeling. 

SIENNA: I want them to feel happy knowing that they're going to get gifts.

REPORTER: And talk about the true spirit of the holidays right well, Sienna is now 

encouraging other kids out there fortunate enough to have a lot of gifts to consider

giving away just one it could mean the world to someone else. 



1. Who is Sienna Ince? 

2. How did she come up with idea of playing Santa? 

3. What does her friends and parents say about her good deed?

2020-12-22 오후 2:01:06
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