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 Greedy Hunger
 이** (jean)



This is a story of a little girly, named Shelly, who likes eating sweets. 



Are you sure you're going to eat them all? Have you forgotten what happened 

to Shelly? Listen. Shelly loved to eat. Her favorite was sweet. She ate all types

of sweet cake. Her parents were worried for her because she ate too many 

sweet cakes. They warned ger several times but, Shelly would eat cakes secretly. 

Came Christmas, the festival of joy and cakes. Shelly's mother made various 

cakes. Friends, family and neighbors also came to share their cakes.

It was the happiest day for Shelly. The house was filled with different types and 

sizes of cakes. Shelly ate the cakes all day. They day ended and Shelliy went 

to sleep. In the midnight, she felt pain in her stomach. She knew all the cakes

she ate were acting up. Her mother gave her some medicine but it didn't work. 

The pain grew and Shelly started crying. Her parent took her to the doctor. 

The doctor gave her more tasteless medicine to eat and advised to rest until 

she is fine. It took Shelly two days to recover. She couldn't eat tasty food in 

the two days and she had a very bad experience. She promised her parents 

and herself that see will never eat so many cakes. Now, do you still want to 

eat all those? That's a good boy, let me take these away, you can eat later. 



1. Who is Shelly? What is her favorite food? 

2. What happened to Shelly when she ate a lot of cake? 

3. What lesson do you learn from this story?

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