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 When I Get Bigger
 이** (jean)




Little Critter imagines all of the exciting things he'll do when he gets bigger. 

Going to the store, staying up late, and having a job! What will your child 

envision when they get bigger? 




When I get bigger by Mercer Mayer When I get bigger I'll be able to do lots 

of things. I'll go to the corner store by myself...and spend my allowance on

anything I want. I'll wait until the light is green. Then I work both ways for

cars before I cross the street. I'll have my own watch and tell everyone 

what time it is. I'll go on a bus to Grandma and Grandpa's. I'll go to first

grade. When I get bigger I'll have a real leather football... my own radio, 

and a pair of super Pro rollerskates. I'll have a two wheeler and a paper

route. I'll make lots of money. At the playground, I'll help the little kids on

the swings. I'll pick up my own boots at the shoe store. I'll make a phone 

call and dial it myself. I'll order something from the catalog... and it will come

in the mail. When I get bigger I'll camp out in the backyard all night long.

or I'll stay up to see the end of the late movie. Even if I get sleepy,

I won't go to bed. But right now I have to go to bed...

because mom and dad say... I'm not bigger yet.




1. Enumerate some things, the Little Critter want to do when he gets bigger.

2. Does he want to go to be? 

3. What did his parents say he has to go to bed now?

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