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 What If The Sun Disappeared?
 이** (jean)



Today's video tackles about the importance of the sun. 



Bad Sunny! Oh no, little Kitty the great glorious sun isn't bad, but it's the reason

behind everything good on our earth. Hey friends, it's easy to take free things for

granted, like the sunlight. But have you ever wondered what will happen if the sun

suddenly blinked out of existence? Well, in today's episode, let us shed some light

on this dark possibility and answer a life-threatening question, what if the sun 

diasppeared? Imagine you wake up in the morning for a quick dose of vitamin D from

the sun. So you open the window and feel the energy from those warm rays as 

you happily pick up the newspaper that reads the headlines, the sun is going on 

a summer vacation forever! So you panic sweat while biting your nails, and wonder,

"What will happen now?" Well, the answer is nothing! But only for the first eight 

minutes or so. Yes, as we know, light takes approximately eight minutes to reach 

our surface from the sun. So we'd still see it in the sky for some time but then,

things will just take a turn for the worse. Yes, the first thing you will notice is the

darkness around the world. Although you would be able to see the distant stars, 

but apart from them, there won't be any other natural source of light, not even 

the silver moon as it gets its light from the sun. And as Einstein's theory of

relativity suggests that gravity travels at the speed of light. So afteer those 

initial eight and a half minutes, there won't be any gravitational force to hold the

earth on a particular orbit, and it will fly away into the solar system into the endless

space in a straight line at the speed of eighteen miles per second. And if we are 

lucky enough not to collide with other planets and asteroids or get absorbed by 

a black hole, we will continue to travel for the next forty-three thousand years 

until we find another star to orbit around. But that would be rather a long time.

The current scenario on earth will continue to depreciate, and the next we will

witness is that without the sunlight, photosyntesis would stop, but that would 

only kill some of the plants. Yes, fortunately, some larger trees can survive for

decades without it, but eventually, sooner or later, they will meet their end as 

well. Later, within a week or so, the temperature would begin to drop below

zero that would put most living organisms on the verge of extinction, including

humans. And within a couple of months, the ocean's surface would freeze 

over, but ut would take another thousand years for our seas to freeze solid. 

Until then, the oceans's interior will remain liquid due to the heat emitting from 

the earth's core. because of this, the organisms living in the deep ocean that

doesn't need sunlight will continue to thrive for billions of years until the water 

completely turns into ice. And our beautiful green planet would be nothing but

a barren wasteland floating aimlessly through space. So, we should be thankful

for the great sun because of which everything is in perfect order. Trivia time. 

Did you know astronomers estimate that the sun has about 7 billion to 8 billion 

years left before it sputters out and dies? But before that, in about 5 billion years,

the sun will run out of hydrogen. HJope you learned something new in today's 

episode until next time. It's me, Dr. Binocs zooming out! Ah, nevermind! 



1. Why is the Sun important for life on Earth? 

2. Enumerate different results if the sun disappeared.

3. Do you like the sun? Why or why not?

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