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 이** (jean)



Born free in the American West, Black Beauty is rounded up and brought 

to Birtwick Stables, where she meets spirited teenager Jo Green. 



How’s she doing? She barely speaks to me. I don’t need your sympathy 

uncle John. That mustang’s got a real mean streak. She’s just angry. 

She was rounded up and taken away from her family. What’s her name?

I haven’t given her name yet. I heard you lost your family too. You really

are beautiful. That’s what I’ll call you, Black Beauty. (Music) You’ve gotten

closer to that filly in days than I have in weeks. They say horses pick you.

Thank you. The rescues have a time limit. You can’t sell Beauty. 

You’re my family. You know that, right! (Music) I’m gonna find me. 

You promise. (Music) She saved my life you know. How can a horse save 

a person. If I fought for every horse, I’d ever loved I’d have a hundred of 

them. I don’t want a hundred horses. I just want one.



1. Describe Black Beauty in as much detail as you can. 

2. What makes Beauty and Jo relatable to each other? 

3. Explain the reason why many people consider their pets to be family.

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